The pitfalls of lone working (INNOVATION CASE STUDY)

Any organisation that has staff who work alone or remotely are acutely aware of the challenges of providing training can be considerable.

Excellent training requires time and money by incurring expenditure as opposed to generating revenue. As such any solution to training must provide high standards at a reasonable price.

GHTechnical (GHT) has always recommended that the first element of training is face to face and should refresher training be required, they would create a tailored eLearning module supported by detailed reporting to help clients manage their staff training progress. Traditional Face-to-Face training courses run by GHT are established, high performing and well-received, with an average of delegate feedback of 80-100% satisfaction and corresponding pass rates. Faced with a large remote workforce often working alone and within a strict budget, the challenge was to meet regular individual training needs without the resources to provide traditional face-to-face training sessions. Starting from the point of dissatisfaction with the available market options, we worked closely with clients to provide a lower cost, high-quality e-learning solution, innovating to meet client needs and to complement additional services.

Ø    How did you plan to achieve your goal?

The first step was client research to understand the need and challenges they face. By speaking with clients and delegates, we examined the issues faced and the training expectations required to remain legally compliant, as well as outline the desirable training they would like to offer staff for professional development. The next step was to research the market, looking at various training and e-learning platforms available, creating a list of the functionalities that the multiple platforms offered, researched reader reviews, costs and ease of use. This is defined as the ability to conduct eLearning:

-Via any desktop or mobile device

-Both on and offline

-Anytime or anywhere

-Via cloud-based software

-With the ability to adjust course content and format, to create tailored courses to meet client needs (Something that GHT already do)

It was identified that the offline element alongside the availability on any mobile device, would be the most challenging element to find given that technology is still developing to meet a combination of needs such as these. It is possible to get an app or create a platform but to combine the two to have the same functionality is a considerable challenge for any business or developer.

Ø    Challenges we faced

The main challenges are those outside of the expertise we have as trainers and focus on the technology we use to connect to clients. Amongst the IT challenges the ability for the platform to communicate with the CRM system, and the online payment platform was vital, both for invoicing purposes and for individual learners.

GHT was able to overcome this with a focused IT development team working with multiple systems and plugins for people to be able to purchase training online. It is essential when choosing the solution that it fits the needs regarding those who are likely to pay online, is easy to use and reduces time spent purchasing.

Ø    How we overcame those challenges

Demo options available for various platforms were utilised to assess user experience, functionality, compatibility on and offline. Multiple users were assigned to test out platforms and feedback their experience. Different methodologies were used to establish critical factors such as financial viability and future-proofing the business.

GHT is developing ‘add-on’ training modules for asbestos training that is relevant to those working in specific sectors such as Roofing, Heating and Plumbing. In November 2018 they  launched online asbestos awareness training, designed by Roofers, for Roofers in collaboration with the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) and IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health).

We have utilised the below for these projects:

  • Agile project management
  • Scrum sessions
  • Sprint sessions

Ø    Successes

This project has been an enormous success. GHT has been fortunate enough to utilise advanced technology that has bridged the gap between training, time and money for a long time to come

Ø    Benefits to customers  GHT are fortunate enough to have a client with over 150 delegates that require annual refresher training. Having worked closely with them, they have been invaluable in contributing to development. The customer, as well as GHT employees, can speak from experience regarding the previous eLearning platform and the transition to the new platform.