Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) courses! Which one?

People regularly call and ask me why should they choose our 4 day EPC training course compared with other ‘condensed’ courses (that are designed to complete the portfolio work within the 4 or 5 day advertised class-time).

The format of the course should be a major consideration when choosing the ideal course provider for your specific needs and background. I will try to explain why we have chosen our course format and the benefits of that format to you.

Here at Gully Howard Technical Ltd we directly employ in-house Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA’s), who carry-out energy assessment for major housing organisations on a daily basis. Our course content is designed to equip you with the working knowledge to undertake accurate energy assessments. All courses are delivered by experienced and practising course tutors from a wide variety of surveying backgrounds.

The course tutors will assess and mark your portfolio and give you personal feedback to help you navigate the supplementary portfolio work. When the tutors deem your portfolio meets the required standard, we arrange for an external ABBE assessor to verify and sign-off your portfolio. This helps ensure quality assurance and should give you the confidence that you have met the required standard set by the industry accreditation body. What better to way for to know we are doing a good job training you than to allow someone external to verify your work?!


Did you know that you are externally audited by your accreditation scheme once you qualify as a DEA, and the requirement is to pass all the audits carried out on a high percentage of domestic energy assessments lodged. If you don’t pass these you will continually be audited until you pass or give up trying.

Our course is designed to take you from a complete novice to a competent practitioner who is always willing and aware of your commitment to continual learning.

We spend 4 days with you teaching everything we believe you need to know in order to be a great DEA. I’m not going to lie, these 4 days are intense but they are intense for a reason!

We do not incorporate your portfolio at this point because we believe too much focus on completing your portfolio detracts from actually focusing and learning about fundamental property matters. The portfolio work is there to consolidate your learning.

We are incredibly proud of our 100% pass rate given that we do not undertake assessment of our delegates ourselves. This demonstrates to us that we have provided the best possible training to our delegates and getting those passes is a rubber stamp to us that we have delivered to a high standard. You may even find yourself on one of our courses with one of new or current employees who are looking to learn this role to deliver to our own clients

What is good for our staff we aim to be good for you or yours.

You can book a course via our website HERE

If you would like to discuss anything contained in this article or find out more about what Gully Howard Technical offer then give me a call on 02392 728040 or email

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