Seal of Quality: Don’t Take Our Word For It


Accreditation badges exist to offer quality assurance to people consider using a company’s services. However, it can sometimes be confusing to know which ones to look out for, especially when an accrediting body can themselves sometimes be passing on the standards they receive from another accrediting body.

So when it comes to asbestos training, what is the seal you should be looking for?

As of 2017, the overarching standard for any organisation offering construction industry training is to be a CITB Approved Training Organisation.

A training company can become an ATO either by directly applying or by membership and adherence to the standards of an accrediting body who are themselves an ATO.

This scheme has been introduced, in the words of CITB: “to bring greater standardisation to industry training and increase the transferability of skills between employers”.

At Gully Howard Technical, we are proud of our status as an Approved Training Organisation which assures our delegates that the training they receive from us will be relevant and useful wherever they take it in the industry.

Being an ATO means that we offer both recognised and assured training course which are designed and delivered to a high quality. Many of our courses are eligible for CITB grant funding.

Our courses represent the variety of requirements for asbestos awareness in the construction industry, from our 1 hour online Asbestos Awareness course to our 3 day BOHS Surveying and Sampling Strategies course.

Any accreditation rests on a consistent demonstration of quality and customer satisfaction. These are the standards we strive for, and our CITB approved status is as much a reflection of this as the trust and regard of our customers who recommend us to others.

We are also listed by the IATP as a training provider that has evidenced our compliance with regulations and been independently audited.

To find out more about our courses, visit our website  or eLearning portal


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