About Us

With a presence in Portsmouth, Derby, Bedford, and Manchester, Gully Howard Technical boasts over a decade of expertise in providing comprehensive solutions to our clientele. Our accredited laboratory facilitates a myriad of services, ranging from Material Analysis and Surveying to Asbestos, Business, and Occupational Consultancy. We’re proud to be a certified training institution, bestowing internationally acknowledged qualifications upon our learners.

At the heart of our ethos lies a dual commitment: a dedication to our clients’ needs and a deep-rooted respect for our team. Guided by our principle, “client-focussed, employee-centred”, our affiliations with numerous regulatory bodies are testaments to our unwavering pursuit of excellence. It underscores our commitment not just to regulatory compliance but to fostering a quality-driven culture.

Our vision? To sculpt a safer global arena through the dual pillars of education and premium services, all underpinned by a code of ethics. We believe this vision resonates beyond just our immediate clientele – it touches a broader societal spectrum, encompassing all those influenced or potentially influenced by our endeavors.

At Gully Howard Technical, we champion the following core values:

  • Upholding the highest standards of integrity and decency.
  • Cultivating mutual respect and courtesy.
  • Taking accountability for our actions and professional demeanor.
  • Fostering trustworthiness within our industry.

Trust in Gully Howard Technical to provide not just a service, but a great expereince, cost-effective, and always with a keen focus on our clients’ added value.